US Kinesis VISA card public launch.

Kinesis is excited to announce the public release of the US Kinesis Visa card and hybrid banking facility.

Following a successful beta testing period, Kinesis today releases the Kinesis Visa card and accompanying banking systems for all of our users in the United States.

The Kinesis Visa card expands the real-world utility of the Kinesis Money platform.
  • $20,000 max limit
  • Global ATM withdrawals in local currency
  • $920 daily ATM withdrawal limit
  • $5,000 daily POS purchase limit
  • Free fiat transfer between KM platform and card.
  • FDIC Insured up to $250,000

What’s next for Kinesis?

In further exciting news, Kinesis is set for the next regional release of our card program in Q2, with the launch of the UK and EU Kinesis Visa card and banking program. Remember, for those Kinesis users located in a region not yet covered by our physical card program, the virtual Kinesis Visa card is accessible globally.



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