The advantages of hardware (cold) wallets

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3 min readMay 22, 2020


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A hardware wallet, also known as a cold wallet, is an encrypted offline storage solution that provides one single point of access for your cryptocurrency and digital currency portfolio.

Keeping the sole access point to your crypto and digital currency in a physical offline storage device ensures there is no way for anyone else to access your digital currency portfolio.

Crypto wallets stored on a database, accessible via the internet or on a computer’s hard drive are known as hot wallets. The constant connection to the internet of traditional wallets makes them more susceptible to attacks from viruses or hackers.

Also referred to as a cold wallet, a hardware wallet remains offline until the moment its time to use it. For this reason, an encrypted cold wallet provides an extra barrier of protection and security between your digital asset portfolio and external threats.

The advantages of a cold wallet

Private keys are never unexposed

The only place you will ever enter your private key is your encrypted hardware wallet. As your passkey is never entered on your computer, it is never vulnerable to being hacked or copied.

The increased access security of pin encryption

A lot of cold wallets are protected with a pin, and in some cases, the additional security of a biometric login. If anyone attempts to guess your passkey, the in-built security will lock them out after 3 failed attempts.

Keep all of your digital currencies in the same hardware wallet

A hardware wallet can store as much digital currency or cryptocurrency as is required. Some cold wallets on the market, including the Kinesis CoolWallet S, enable you to hold various different cryptocurrencies at once.

Resistance to computer viruses

As computer viruses are created to attack the software on computers, they will have no effect on a hardware wallet. Traditional crypto wallets are a less secure storage option as it is possible for viruses to interfere with them.

All transactions verified through the hardware wallet

It’s impossible for anyone other than you to transact from your account, as all transactions must be verified through your encrypted cold wallet. As long as you keep your device safe, no one will be able to transact from your account.

What makes the Kinesis CoolWallet S stand out?

Store Kinesis gold and silver digital currencies

The Kinesis CoolWallet S makes it possible for you to store all of your digital assets in one convenient location, including Kinesis digital currencies, KAU and KAG.

The Kinesis CoolWallet S is the only hardware wallet on the market compatible with KAU, KAG and KVT.

What’s more, you can store your Kinesis currencies alongside a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin (BTC) / Ethereum (ETH) / Omni Tether (USDT) / Bitcoin Cash (BCH) / Ripple (XRP)


The Kinesis CoolWallet S ensures your assets’ safety with a full range of security features: biometric and physical 2FA checks safety, with 2+1 factor authentication.


With regular use, the battery life can be expected to last roughly 2 weeks, with a 2 hour full charge time.


The same size as a credit card — 85.6(L) x 53.98(H) x 0.8(T)mm — the Kinesis Cool Wallet S, can easily be kept with you at all times.


Connect to the app (iOS/Android) via Bluetooth helping you get the most out of your assets, safely.

How much does it cost?

The Kinesis CoolWallet S costs $99 for a single device, or you can buy two for $159.

Where can I buy the Kinesis CoolWallet S?

The Kinesis CoolWallet S is only available for purchase in the Kinesis shop.



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