An excellent start to the year 2021

In this update, CEO and founder of Kinesis Thomas Coughlin, would like to share with you the progress of the Kinesis Monetary System in the first quarter of the year and provide insight and a glimpse into Q2 2021 and beyond.

Since the beginning of the year, the Kinesis team has been aggressively developing and enhancing various aspects of the system in order to provide the scalability required to take us to the next phase in our development and commercialization. Q1 was a quarter of consolidation and foundation building across all internal systems and functions in order to be able to serve desired developmental and commercial growth into the future.

A summary of the Q1 and outlook for the Q2 period

Legal and regulatory updates


Kinesis has now established an Indonesian office and development team comprising 8 new members. With the operations and partnerships ready for expansion after the official launch dates, the team has been established as a regional technical support and development hub.

Kinesis Exchange upgrade:

The updated Kinesis Exchange was successfully delivered on Saturday 27th of March, allowing users to experience better market depth, reduced margins and an overall trading functionality improvement. As part of the upgrade, scheduled enhancements to crypto withdrawals and KYC identity verification have now come into effect, the update was a leap forward in scalability and allows for a robust engine for partner and exchange integrations.

Kinesis Headquarters and Kinesis Vault Facility in Liechtenstein

In partnership with Offenes Zolllager in Liechtenstein AG (OZL), Kinesis has now completed the purpose-built, high security vaulting facility and operations Headquarters that house physical metal and precious stones in Liechtenstein. Our team is looking forward to presenting our new headquarters in upcoming interviews.

Quarterly growth

This quarter we have reached the total of 2020 trade volume and gained over 8000 new users. These numbers illustrate positive growth and increasing engagement of our community, strengthening the company’s reputation in the market.

Looking forwards into Q2

UK/EU Visa Card program: Following the successful delivery of the physical Kinesis debit VISA card in the US, Kinesis is now launching the UK & EU physical Kinesis VISA program. This Visa approved program will allow users to access a range of new functionality, including the shift towards text message two-factor authentication (2FA), further enhancing the onboarding process and a range of new pairs in GBP.

Third-Party Exchange Integrations

We are currently several months through the integration process with several third-party exchanges from varied industries. Both the traditional and cryptocurrency industries are in the line-up. This will bring visibility and accessibility to Kinesis currencies and the Kinesis system to people from all walks of life and in a broad and diverse geographical spread.

KEM Project:

The KEM token has been fully developed and is awaiting launch, the delay comes with Logistical and valuation protocols that with the current Covid related issue affecting delivery and transportation, protracted the physical acquisition into Kinesis vaults.

Banking and Multi-Currency solutions

We are incredibly excited to be releasing a host of on-and-off ramping fiat banking facilities into the Kinesis system for numerous currencies.

Significant enhancements to Customer Service

Kinesis has recognised the need to reinforce, grow and implement a truly scalable structure for our Customer Service department. In the coming weeks, you will see additional Customer Service Agents, located across the globe join our ever-growing team. These agents will be undertaking an intensive training course to deliver users with an exceptional level of customer service. In addition to this, a new ticketing system will be implemented, meaning you will have greater transparency and tracking of issue resolution and progress.

Account Executive Expansion

We are bolstering our Account Executive team, with new personnel joining our team and commencing in the coming weeks. These new Account Executives will be joining us from across the globe, meaning no matter where our users are situated, all KMS users will have the ability to connect with a dedicated Account Executive in a timezone similar to their own. This gives our valued users a highly personalised service experience, with a primary point of contact that can be reached on the phone or email during local business hours. Of course, our global Customer Service team will continue to provide support outside of local business hours.


The above milestones are well on track for delivery. We look forward to updating you on those over the next month. With the increase of our Marketing and Commercial activities, Kinesis is projected to continue on its rapid and exponential growth curve.

Kinesis re-introduces physical gold and silver bullion as currencies that integrate with today’s online banking and payment solutions.