In this Live from the Vault ‘Silver Short Squeeze special’, Andrew Maguire explains the short and long-term impact of Reddit group WallStreetBets’ unprecedented, meme-driven trading on the silver market.

As silver hits 6-month highs, the precious metals expert breaks down exactly how this out-of-the-blue action is hurting insiders and hedge funds alike — and the clear and present threat posed to the entire silver capping manipulation process.

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Our Executive committee offers a detailed look at an exciting year ahead for Kinesis.

In this extensive update for the Kinesis community, Thomas Coughlin brings his vision for the year into focus. The Kinesis CEO maps out the milestones that will mark our progression throughout the year and shares an insightful summary of the 2021 Kinesis roadmap.

Watch the Kinesis Webinar 2021 for detailed insights on:

  • Our 2021 roadmap
  • Progress in Indonesia
  • The Kinesis yield system
  • KEM — our new emerald-based token
  • Global integrations, partnerships and projects

We are looking forward to another exciting year in the progression of the Kinesis system. We would like to invite the whole Kinesis community to take in our roadmap, for a snapshot of what’s in store.



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