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2 min readJul 24, 2020


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With all of the exciting action in the silver market, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that set Kinesis apart when it comes to physical silver bullion investment and trading.

Storage fees eliminated

Kinesis physical gold and silver bullion sits in insured and independently audited world-class vaulting facilities, with no storage fees, for life.

All storage fees are eliminated by a share of global transaction fees charged across the Kinesis system, and the robust infrastructure of Kinesis’ bullion vaulting network, covering all major trading hubs globally.

Fully allocated silver bullion

All of the physical bullion underpinning Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies is fully allocated. Allocated gold or silver bullion should be an essential requirement for every precious metals investment — here’s why.

Seamless trade of physical silver bullion

Kinesis users can access the instant, seamless and low-cost trade of silver bullion on the Kinesis Exchange.

With Kinesis digital currencies, physical silver bullion is accessible for instant trade with gold bullion, fiat or cryptocurrency, with tight spreads and a flat 0.22% trade execution fee.

Silver bullion by the ounce

Kinesis makes investing or trading in physical silver bullion accessible to everyone.

With Kinesis, there are no high minimum purchase requirements. Kinesis traders are able to purchase a single ounce of physical silver bullion, just as simply as 10 oz or 100 oz of silver.

1 KAG = 1 ounce of physical silver stored securely in the Kinesis bullion vaulting network.

Spend silver anywhere

The Kinesis virtual card allows users to spend silver bullion, gold bullion or cryptocurrency for routine payments and every day purchases.

Kinesis users can simply top up their card and begin spending digital physical gold, silver or cryptocurrency at 46+ million locations worldwide.

In this exciting period in the silver market, Kinesis provides users with value, assurance, access, and spendability unseen in physical silver bullion trading.

Start trading in silver today.

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Kinesis Money

Kinesis re-introduces physical gold and silver bullion as currencies that integrate with today’s online banking and payment solutions.

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