5 reasons to trade silver with Kinesis

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3 min readJan 29, 2021


In light of all this exciting action in the silver market, let’s explore some of the reasons that set Kinesis apart when it comes to silver bullion trading and investment.

Kinesis offers silver traders a number of advantages not found anywhere else in the precious metals industry.

1. Storage fees eliminated

Most precious metals storage providers charge expensive monthly fees, as physical gold and silver bullion storage is a costly service to provide.

However, Kinesis physical gold and silver bullion sits in insured and independently audited world-class vaulting facilities, with no storage fees, for life.

So, how is that made possible?

Well, all storage fees are eliminated by a share of global transaction fees charged across the Kinesis system. Coupled with the robust infrastructure of Kinesis’ bullion vaulting network, covering all major trading hubs globally, Kinesis is able to provide chargeless storage for all of our users.

2. Fully allocated silver bullion

All of the physical bullion underpinning Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies is fully allocated. There’s a whole host of reasons why allocated bullion is essential for every silver trader or investor.

But, the quick explanation is that unlike unallocated silver, such as Silver ETFs, Kinesis users own physical silver bullion, with legal title held in their name at all times. Legal title is very important, as it means there is no counterparty risk for the holder.

Remember, all of the precious metals underpinning Kinesis digital currencies are redeemable at any time.*

3. Seamless trade of silver bullion

The Kinesis Exchange enables the immediate, seamless and low-cost trade of silver bullion.

With Kinesis digital currencies, physical silver bullion is accessible for instant trade with fiat, cryptocurrency or gold bullion, with a flat 0.22% trade execution fee.

While the tights spreads on the Kinesis Exchange enhance liquidity, making for a favourable trading ecosystem for everyone. In fact, a process unique to the Kinesis system known as minting, allows the Kinesis Exchange to offer some of the tightest spreads in the precious metals industry.

4. Silver bullion by the ounce

When purchasing Kinesis silver bullion, there are no high minimum purchase requirements. Kinesis traders are able to purchase a single ounce of silver bullion, just as easily as 100 oz or 1000 oz of silver. Remember:

1 KAG = 1 ounce of silver bullion stored securely in the Kinesis vaulting network.

In this way, Kinesis makes silver bullion trading and investment accessible to everyone.

5. Spend silver anywhere

With Kinesis, silver bullion is no longer just an asset of trade and investment.

The Kinesis virtual card makes it possible to spend silver bullion for everyday purchases and payments, along with gold and cryptocurrency. Kinesis users can simply top up their card, and spend digital physical gold, silver or cryptocurrency for point of sale transactions at 46+ million locations worldwide.

In this exciting period in the silver market, Kinesis offers a value, assurance, access, and spendability to silver bullion traders, completely unique to the Kinesis Exchange.

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