5 reasons to trade silver with Kinesis

Kinesis offers silver traders a number of advantages not found anywhere else in the precious metals industry.

1. Storage fees eliminated

Most precious metals storage providers charge expensive monthly fees, as physical gold and silver bullion storage is a costly service to provide.

2. Fully allocated silver bullion

All of the physical bullion underpinning Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies is fully allocated. There’s a whole host of reasons why allocated bullion is essential for every silver trader or investor.

3. Seamless trade of silver bullion

The Kinesis Exchange enables the immediate, seamless and low-cost trade of silver bullion.

4. Silver bullion by the ounce

When purchasing Kinesis silver bullion, there are no high minimum purchase requirements. Kinesis traders are able to purchase a single ounce of silver bullion, just as easily as 100 oz or 1000 oz of silver. Remember:

5. Spend silver anywhere

With Kinesis, silver bullion is no longer just an asset of trade and investment.



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Kinesis Money

Kinesis Money


Kinesis re-introduces physical gold and silver bullion as currencies that integrate with today’s online banking and payment solutions.